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What diamond qualities do you use?

We strongly believe that you should not pay for anything that you cannot see. We understand that there is a sweet spot in terms of quality and price. For that reason, most of the diamonds we use in our jewellery are of F/VS & G/SI quality. This diamond quality gives you the best value for your money without compromising on the visual appeal and quality of the jewellery you buy. Lower quality diamonds may cost less money, but the compromises in quality are likely to be much more easily seen.

G refers to the colour of the diamond. Most people, in most circumstances, cannot tell the difference in colour between this colour grade and D grade which is absolutely colourless.

SI refers to the clarity of the diamond. Most natural diamonds have some internal flaws. Perfect diamonds are exceedingly rare and very expensive. The SI grade diamonds used in our jewellery are usually 'eye clean', which means that any flaws are invisible to the naked eye at about 20cm in normal lighting. This saves you a lot of money because you are buying diamond jewellery that looks perfect in typical situations without paying the excessive prices of perfection.

Some of our jewellery is graded as F/VS, this is a higher grade of diamond where the colour of the diamond is even more white, and the number and size of internal flaws is even less. These items are ideal for those who want something even better whilst still benefiting from good value pricing.


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