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Choose a style that compliments her hand

Hands come in all shapes and sizes, look for a style of engagement ring that complements her hand. If you have a photograph of her hand, then share it with us so we can advise about the cut of the main stone and the ring width.

Think about the shape of the central diamond

When you have narrowed down the shape of the main stone for your engagement ring, the search will be much more manageable. Each cut, or shape, of a diamond, has a different price per carat. Round diamonds are the costliest while fancy shapes are slightly less expensive. Study pictures of diamonds and have some favourite shapes in mind. Take a look at the selection of diamond engagement rings on our site and if you still can’t find what you want our team will discuss your requirements so we can create your dream engagement ring with our CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software

Form an idea of the carat size of the diamond in the engagement ring

Cost is always a deciding factored choice when making the perfect diamond engagement ring. You might want to choose a larger diamond, but of slightly less clarity or whiteness (and thus cost) or perhaps you simply want the highest quality stone that fits your budget, even if that means buying a slightly smaller diamond. When you have an idea of your preference in terms of the quality and size balance, you will be able to start to narrow down the choices.

Choosing the right metal for your engagement ring

Typically, you will be choosing between platinum, white, rose or yellow gold. The colour of the band can be used to flatter the diamond you choose. A white metal will enhance the colour of a very pure white stone while yellow gold will enhance a slightly yellow diamond.

Buying the right ring size

This might be a little difficult if you’re buying the ring as a surprise, but that’s why David Ashley offers a resizing service! Perhaps your girlfriend has already dropped a hint about her ring size, or you might discreetly slip the subject into a conversation – but no matter how subtle you are, the chances are that she will get an idea of your intentions.

The last and most discreet method is to measure one of her existing rings. Best is to take an existing ring and book an appointment with one of our engagement ring consultants or use our ring sizing guide if this is not possible. Measure from the inside of the upper edge to the inside of the lower edge in millimetres. Ring size can vary slightly according to the width of the band and by the season. In the summer the fingers are at their thickest and so sizing needs to account for the largest size that your girlfriend’s finger is likely to be.

Please note that it is only possible to resize rings where the diamonds are set halfway around the band.

Buy GIA Certified diamonds

When you’re buying a large diamond, such is found in an engagement ring, you should always make sure that it carries a certificate that attests to the standard of the gem. The certificate should describe the famous 4Cs of diamond quality: Colour, Carat (weight), Cut and Clarity.

We at David Ashley insist you buy diamonds that carry the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) certification, as this is the most respected and trustworthy certification. Some lesser certification laboratories practice a deceit called quality inflation whereby the certificate will show a better grade for a stone than it truly deserves. This gives you a false sense of value because it makes the diamond seem cheap in comparison to diamonds with more reputable certification.

When you buy a diamond engagement ring from David Ashley, you can see the certificate that goes with each stone before you purchase so you know exactly what you are getting.

Check that the diamond certificate matches the diamond you are buying! You always want to make sure that you are getting what you paid for. These days, most diamonds are laser etched with the certificate identification. You can check the stone with a loupe and match it to the certificate. The laser inscription will be on the girdle of the diamond. If there are inclusions in the stone, these will usually show up at the same time and match with the certificate’s description.

Be willing to compromise on colour and clarity

If you want to get the biggest precious stone for your budget, then go for the lowest colour of diamond that, to the naked eye, will still look colourless. The same applies to clarity. If the diamond looks clean to the naked eye, then that is good enough, but there will be a considerable saving in cost, meaning that you can buy a much larger, more impressive, diamond within your budget.

Don’t economise on the cut, polish or symmetry! These 3 factors are what gives a diamond its classic sparkle. An average quality diamond that is perfectly cut will outshine an almost perfect diamond that is not cut well. Your bride to be will be thrilled with the result of your careful compromise on the choice of the diamond!

Match the engagement ring to the wedding ring

Some types of setting do not work too well with a wedding ring, they can force the rings to be separated. If you want a flush pairing of engagement ring and wedding ring, please take advice from one of our consultants about the type of setting that will work best.

Why buy with us

Buying online from David Ashley can give you great value. You don’t have to pay the inflated prices from the shops which majority of the time give you a substandard product but it is not just about saving you money with David Ashley, you can take as long as you want choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring and you can even design your very own custom ring, an engagement ring that is absolutely unique and embodies your own personality.
Finally, a bonus tip from us at David Ashley: You can save money by choosing a less common diamond carat size like selecting a .93 carat stone as compared to a 1-carat diamond, but generally some companies won’t tell you that but at David Ashley we a very transparent.

Now you know these tips, you are now ready to get even more value for money when creating your perfect diamond engagement ring. You know how to save money, how to get the best deals, and how to get the right ring for your bride to be – congratulations!



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