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You’ve bought your missus-to-be a sparkly new engagement ring. But which finger does the engagement ring go on once you pop the question?

The topic of which hand and finger the engagement and wedding rings go on is a big one. As engagement ring experts, David Ashley is here to help you delve into the mystery and origins of which finger the engagement ring goes on and why.

What finger does an engagement ring go on? The left hand, fourth finger.

This is tradition according to many western cultures, which can be sourced all the way back to the Romans. According to popular belief, the fourth finger in the left hand has a vein that reaches directly to the heart. Called the ‘Vena Amoris’, which in Latin means ‘vein of love’, it made sense that this would be the finger chosen for a diamond engagement ring as the proposal is one of the most heartfelt events in a person’s life.

When it comes to love, everyone automatically thinks of the heart. We see it when people propose on valentine’s day with red heart-shaped balloons and in today’s times when people use the heart emoji to express their love for one another.

So the ‘vein of love’ is a nice, romantic reason why many people who propose with a diamond engagement ring place the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. It has a historical backing and just sounds right!

So why don’t people from Russia, Germany, Norway, and India wear engagement rings on their left hand? Back to the Latin classes.

The word ‘left’ in Latin means ‘’sinister’ and for anyone who believes in luck; omens; karma; bad signs or not walking under ladders – that’s all the reason they need for not wearing both the diamond engagement and wedding rings on their left hand.

What finger does the wedding ring go on?

Just like the engagement ring, it is common that the wedding ring will also go on the left hand, fourth finger.

With the same finger being used for both engagement and wedding rings, a jeweler will often design them to fit together. David Ashley can expertly craft both your engagement and wedding rings to make sure you have a stunning diamond ring set with which to propose to your significant other. We have seen people make the big mistake of purchasing completely mismatched engagement and wedding rings and then had to work on both rings to ensure they fit correctly together!

A romantic myth – shattered

It sounded like something out of a romance novel. That the reason for wearing both engagement and wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand is that it is the only finger with a direct connection to the heart. Alas, this turned out to be just a myth, being that there is no singular vein with a direct link to the heart – the remaining nine fingers reach there as well.

That said, many couples hold true to wearing their engagement and wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand as a symbol of their lifetime commitment to each other.

What happens to the engagement ring at the wedding?

If the wedding ring is supposed to be placed on the fourth finger of the left hand, and the engagement ring is already placed on the same finger – what happens at the wedding ceremony? Does that mean that the wedding ring is placed above the engagement ring?

It would make sense if we were placing the engagement and wedding rings based on chronology. However, it is the engagement ring that traditionally holds the expensive diamond and intricate designs, whereas the wedding ring is often a plain band. So this is where tradition, culture, and preference will decide on the order of the rings.

A common practice is that prior to the wedding ceremony, the bride will switch the engagement ring to her right hand, fourth finger, enabling the groom to place the wedding ring onto the left hand, fourth finger. Then the bride can switch the engagement ring back to the left hand, above the wedding ring.

The order of wearing wedding and engagement rings

As many brides tend to wear both the engagement and wedding rings on the same finger, the question is – in which order? As discussed, there are those who switch the engagement ring onto another finger prior to the wedding, which enables the groom to place the wedding ring on the correct finger. And then follow up by placing the engagement ring above the wedding band.

However, there are other options when it comes to the order of the wedding and engagement rings on the same finger.

Some wear the engagement rings and wedding rings on different hands, placing the engagement ring on the fourth finger of the right hand

Others actually have the rings welded together to demonstrate the act of unity.

And a popular option is to design your engagement ring in a way that it can fit together with the wedding band. So while they do remain as two different rings, they sit snugly and compliment each other.

So there you have it. Now that you have all the information you need about which finger the engagement and wedding rings go on – the diamond ring experts at David Ashley are on hand to help craft a stunning diamond engagement and wedding ring set for your loved one. Contact us today!



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