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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Actually, sparkly diamonds are a girl’s best friend and we want to make sure that once you’ve got the perfect diamond engagement ring that you keep it in pristine condition and looking as sparkly as ever.

With decades of experience in the diamond engagement and wedding ring industry, we’ve put together our top tips and advice on what works well for cleaning diamond rings and what are quite simply – old wives tales. Bear in mind that rings can react differently to various cleaning solutions and techniques – so make sure you use only the recommended methods as we don’t want you to ruin your engagement or wedding ring!

Using household products to clean diamond rings at home

This method is applicable to all types of diamond rings including platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

Quite simply the best method for in-home ring cleaning. You’ll need some washing up liquid, a small bowl and some warm water. Mix the water with a good squeeze of washing up liquid and delicately place the ring into the water mixture. Leave your diamond engagement or wedding ring to soak for about half an hour. Then carefully remove the ring and brush it delicately with a very soft toothbrush to remove any remaining residue.

You should see the ring and diamond get back some of its sparkle at this point. Now all is needed is to rinse the ring off with some warm water and you’re done! To dry the ring, use a soft cloth made of microfiber or cotton which won’t leave any lint on the diamond.

If it hasn’t brought back the sparkle to your liking then repeat the process once more.

How to clean a diamond ring made of white, yellow or rose gold

For gold rings, it is possible to add a little bit of ammonia to the soapy mixture. Follow the same instructions as above. If your gold engagement ring is greasy, you can separately place it into a glass with some rubbing alcohol to remove the grease, but not for too long!

No matter how tempting it is, do not use any chemical-based solutions often found at home to try and clean your diamond engagement rings. Be it chlorine or bleach, they can actually ruin the ring itself, making it very difficult to repair. Also, while baking soda is used for many cleaning hacks, it is absolutely not recommended for cleaning your rings as it can simply scratch and mark them.

How to clean a platinum diamond ring

Platinum is one of the toughest and most sought after metals when it comes to diamond engagement and wedding rings. Aside from a blip during Corona, platinum was always the most expensive metal from which to design a ring. Due to its strength, it holds its colour well and doesn’t suffer from the same problems as gold rings which often lose their colour as a result of time and everyday use.

As with the other ring types, you can clean your platinum-based diamond engagement ring using the washing up liquid and water method above.

How to clean diamonds and gemstones at home

Diamonds come in all forms of shapes and sizes which means that certain cleaning methods which may work for one type of diamond ring, may not be the right one for another.

Have you heard of a clarity enhanced diamond? These are treated diamonds with tiny cracks in them which have been filled with a special resin to enhance their sparkle.

When cleaning a clarity-enhanced diamond, any type of ammonia-based cleaning solution must not be used as it can wreck the resin and remove the enhanced shine of the diamond.

For gemstones, the cleaning method depends on the type of gemstone you have. Most can be cleaned with the same method as diamond rings. However, there are some types of gemstones that are more sensitive including pearls, coral and amber which can scratch easily or react to perfumes and chemicals. For these types of gemstones, simply clean them using a non-abrasive cloth and keep them in a cool closed box when not in use.

How often should I clean my ring?

As with any expensive purchase – it is important to look after it and a diamond ring is no exception! With frequent cleaning, you can ensure your diamond ring will keep its sparkle and lustre for many years.

It is highly recommended to clean your diamond engagement and wedding ring at least once a week. If this is too much for you then aim for at least every fortnight.

A platinum-based ring though is less labour intensive as its resistance and strength mean it tarnishes less than gold and requires less frequent cleaning.

How to clean a diamond ring with vodka or rice vinegar

No, it’s not an old wives tale! You can clean your diamond engagement ring with vodka or vinegar. Get yourself a shot of vodka and simply drop your ring inside it. Leave for a few hours, wash off and dry. With vinegar you can simply pour it over your ring, ensuring it is fully immersed in the vinegar. Soak for anywhere between half an hour to two hours.

While these methods do clean properly, with the slightly acidic properties, we would recommend cleaning your diamond engagement rings with the safest method of washing up liquid and lukewarm water.

Professional ring cleaning services at David Ashley

Even with regular maintenance of your diamond engagement and wedding rings, we still recommend getting your diamond rings professionally cleaned at least once a year. The experts at David Ashley provide a quality, professional deep ring cleaning service to bring back the lustre and shine of your ring as if you had just purchased it. Book your cleaning appointment now!

If you are looking for any advice, information or are ready to create the perfect diamond engagement ring in 2021 – contact one of our diamond experts at David Ashley today and we will be there with you from start until yes!



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