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Looking for engagement ring inspiration in 2021? Take a look at David Ashley’s top five engagement ring trends for 2021

While engagement ring trends of 2020 were very much influenced by the fallout and reaction to the corona pandemic – the hope is that within the next few months we’ll be coming out of the crisis, meeting family and friends again and proposing to your special one with a ring that is so 2021!

Following extensive research of the diamond ring industry, listening to our customers and speaking with the top experts in the diamond jewellery scene, David Ashleys is proud to provide you with the top engagement ring trends for 2021.

1: Bespoke diamond engagement rings

With moretime on our hands due to covid, we’ve seen many couples take more time to research and come up with fresh ideas for their diamond engagement ring and how they want it to look. There used to be many cases where the bride to be had seen a celebrity engagement ring on social media and simply asked for a replica. In 2021, things have changed when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring. We find that women are looking for a unique diamond engagement ring, one which stands out yet is still subtle and special.

David Ashley is expert at crafting bespoke diamond engagement rings for our customers, regardless of budget. We work closely with our customers – keeping you updated every step of the way as we create a stunning, timeless, bespoke diamond engagement ring for your bride to be. With a bespoke diamond engagement ring, we are absolutely certain she will say yes!

2: Ethically sourced diamonds

From climate change to fair trade, more and more people are considering the impact that their purchases have on the world and the people living on it. Customers want to walk around feeling pride that their diamond ring and stones have been ethically sourced and that not only has their purchase not caused any harm to anyone – it has actually helped to provide livelihoods for those working in the diamond mining industry.

The market for ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds has only increased in recent times and David Ashley is proud to offer you a selection of over 1.5 million ethically sourced GIA certified diamonds.

3: Bold coloured stones

Another engagement ring trend for 2021 is the increasing popularity of bold coloured stones and diamond alternatives. From rubies to sapphires and emeralds, these statement stones are making a big comeback in 2021.

Customers are opting to match their precious, coloured stones with different metal rings to create a uniquely bold and beautiful engagement ring that will catch all eyes across 2021 and onwards.

If you still want a precious diamond but want to include a splash of colour, take a look at David Ashleys
exquisite collection of coloured diamond engagement rings.

4: Classic and simple rings

With so much bling out there, there are plenty of couples opting instead for plain and classic diamond engagement rings.

Taking into account that Covid has limited ring hunting couples to virtual showings and although video tech is improving – couples still like the reassurance of trying on the ring in person. It’s hard to compare the experience of seeing how the diamond engagement ring reflects and takes in light and how it feels on the hand.

With couples not waiting around for diamond ring storefronts to open – the groom to be is taking the initiative and going straight to ordering the ring – without an in-person viewing.

This is another trend in engagement ring buying in 2021 as with classic style engagement rings – no matter which you choose – the engagement ring will be a winner with your fiance!

Another advantage of going with a classic engagement ring design is that you can put aside all the fancy designs and intricacies and focus on the central element of the ring which is of course the stone. By sticking with a tried and tested classic design, customers can allocate more of their budget towards a higher range of the 4 c’s for the diamond – thereby increasing the lustre and wow factor.

5: Vintage diamond rings

Thanks to the recent season of Netflix’s The Crown which delved into the Diana Years, vintage engagement rings started trending in a big way. The internet was abuzz following the scene where Diana chose her stunning vintage Sapphire engagement ring and according to some, caused somewhat of a controversy regarding her ring choice.

However, the vintage style engagement ring has onceSapphire vintage ring again become popular, especially now that the very same ring adorns the finger of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. For an engagement ring to be considered genuinely ‘vintage’, it must be over 20 year’s old. At David Ashley we are definitely seeing increased demand for a vintage style engagement ring that is less modern and more in tune with times gone by. Every era has it’s trend in engagement ring designs and going vintage is definitely a classy way of standing out from the modern crowd. Just bear in mind that often a genuine vintage ring would be second hand or pre-owned which can impact availability if you have a specific vintage engagement ring style in mind.

The good news is that at David Ashleys, we are experts at crafting vintage engagement rings so you can choose any vintage style engagement ring and we will create it for you! So there we have it, the top five engagement ring trends to watch out for in 2021. If you are looking for any advice, information or are ready to create the perfect diamond engagement ring in 2021 – contact one of our diamond experts at David Ashley today and we will be there with you from start until yes!



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