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How to maintain my jewellery?

Your jewellery has been designed and manufactured to last a lifetime; however, some maintenance is necessary to keep it looking and functioning as well as the day you received it.

  1. Clasps and earring posts should be checked from time to time to ensure that they are still holding the jewellery securely. A jeweller will be able to make adjustments to the clasp or earring posts before they fail.
  2. White gold has a palladium coating to enhance its colour. Over time this coating can wear away. This is normal and will vary from person to person according to the amount of wear the item receives. A jeweller will be able to recoat the palladium as needed.
  3. While you can, and should, carry out maintenance cleaning of your jewellery, from time to time, it is worth taking the item to a jeweller for professional cleaning.
  4. Keep your jewellery in a case or box with a soft lining so that your jewellery does not scratch against other items.

When you take a piece of jewellery to a jeweller for any maintenance, it is worth having all these aspects dealt with at the same time. If a piece of jewellery is worn regularly, it is worthwhile to take the item for maintenance every year or so.

We strongly recommend that you protect your jewellery investment with appropriate insurance coverage against loss or damage. In many cases, your new jewellery can be added to your existing household contents insurance.



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